For more strategic thinking.

Levitt quote (small) - 17039222527_8f79013316_oStrategy is about the future – how a firm will create and capture value for customers in the years to come.  Rooted in today, but informed by the trends, forces, and opportunities of tomorrow.

Tactical thinking is short range, process oriented, and internally focused. It’s about managing resources for maximum efficiency and productivity.  It’s about winning today.  “Strategic planning” in this environment is too often about how to tweak last year’s budget for the next year.

Strategic thinking is big picture, long-range, and externally directed.  It’s about decision how to apply resources to win tomorrow. It involves innovation and risk.  It’s about creating value for customers and capturing part of that value for you.

At Strategic Edge Executive Resources, we facilitate strategic planning and teach you how to think strategically as an integral part of the process.