The Healthcare Strategic “Crisi-tunity”

Crisi-tunity:  a situation that is either a crisis or an opportunity, depending on your outlook. Three big factors have set a healthcare bonfire, and one match lit it. Healthcare costs are rising faster than GDP. Fee-for-service model. High Deductible Health Plans The match?  The Cadillac Tax. Healthcare costs have been rising steadily since the 1990’s, […]

3 Steps to Disrupt Your Industry

[I originally posted a version of this article on LinkedIn.] Do you want to unleash explosive growth?  Own a market? Crush your competition? Open up completely new markets? Be the next Apple, Tesla, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, MinuteClinic or Sharkbite? This article describes a three-part process based on my analysis and insights of how strategic models […]

Can Disruptive Innovation Be Predicted?

Recently, Jill Lepore wrote a lengthy piece in the New Yorker magazine called, “The Disruption Machine:  What the gospel of innovation gets wrong“. She spends most of the article taking Clayton Christensen’s theory, and his scholarship, to task. [Dr. Christensen responded in an interview with Drake Bennett of BloombergBusinessWeek.] She concludes that: “Disruptive innovation is a […]