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Financial Objectives Are Not Strategies


The Volkswagen scandal has me thinking that objectives like “become the number one automaker in the world” or “earnings of $20 per share by 2015” are too common and too often substitute for strategy. Financial objectives like market share, profit, earnings per share, gross profit margin, “shareholder value” and so on are not strategic objectives.  They […]

Google Spells Out the Next Horizon

Alchemy of Growth book cover

Google’s announcement of its reorganization into Alphabet, Inc. was a surprise.  Reaction has ranged from the complimentary to doomsday predictions. I think it is a brilliant strategic move that will help the company jump to the next S-Curve. More specifically, it is a great demonstration of “Three Horizons” thinking. The Three Horizons model was described in […]

30 Tweets for More Strategic Thinking

Strategy is about the future – how you will create and capture value for customers in the years to come.  Rooted in today, but informed by the trends, forces, and opportunities of tomorrow. Strategic thinking is big picture, long-range, and externally directed.  It’s about deciding how to win tomorrow. Strategy is about innovation and risk. […]

The Healthcare Strategic “Crisi-tunity”

Crisi-tunity:  a situation that is either a crisis or an opportunity, depending on your outlook. Three big factors have set a healthcare bonfire, and one match lit it. Healthcare costs are rising faster than GDP. Fee-for-service model. High Deductible Health Plans The match?  The Cadillac Tax. Healthcare costs have been rising steadily since the 1990’s, […]