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Apple and Amazon TV: The end of the cable TV monopoly?

In “Apples and Oranges: Amazon moves into the Apple TV space” appears a very interesting phrase: The unit will offer many of the same channels, or “apps” in the Amazon parlance. These include Netflix, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN, SHO Anytime, Bloomberg, and Vevo. Streaming music services including Pandora and iHeart Radio should follow soon after launch. The idea of “apps” taking the role of […]

Software-Defined Anything is a platform for extraordinary innovation has an interesting post about Gartner’s Top Ten Technology Trends for 2014, and, while I agree with virtually all of them, one jumped out at me: Software Defined Anything.  Software-defined anything (SDx) is defined by “improved standards for infrastructure programmability and data center interoperability driven by automation inherent to cloud computing, DevOps and fast infrastructure provisioning.” […]