The Strategic Edge CAFE System – Context|Analysis|Formulate|Execute – is a comprehensive process for strategic planning that draws from the best frameworks, models and tools in business strategy.

Through our intake process, we understand your needs and objectives, and create a customized strategic planning session. Your team will learn the tools and language of strategy to create and capture value for your customers.


Revisiting your company’s mission, vision, and values will provide the illumination for the strategy. We will examine the concept of customer value, how it changes, and the overall environment in which you compete.


We will perform an in-depth characterization of your  customers and competition; trends in technology; and business models. We will perform internal and external analyses of your company and its offering portfolio.


Strategic alternatives are proposed, evaluated and selected.  The goal is to achieve product-market fit, differentiation, and provide unmatched value to your customers.


There are many more great strategic plans than there are corporate success stories.  Putting the right actions into place, and then measuring the right performance elements, and adjusting based on this feedback are key to success.


Our content was developed over more than 30 years of experience in strategic analysis and formulation, innovation management, and technology commercialization, and further developed for a graduate course at Duke University created and taught to hundreds of students by Strategic Edge’s CEO, Greg Hopper, since 2009. We continue to add to and refine our knowledge base.

Sessions are available from half-day to three-day, on- or off-site.

Bottom line:  we will help you create and capture new value for your customers.

For a list of frameworks,  models, and tools mapped to the CAFE process, please visit the Models page.